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Invert's Carbon Development Team has 80+ years of global experience in the identification, validation and financing of climate-positive projects with meaningful global benefit. And we're just getting started.

Invert provides unparalleled industry knowledge and technical expertise in identifying and assessing credible carbon offset opportunities and is recognized as a preferred partner in the development of carbon-offsetting portfolios.

To ensure credibility, we approach projects from a first-principles perspective based on decades of technical experience, breaking down projects to better understand accuracy and achievability as it relates to overall impact (both positive and negative), continued offset generation and supply, and ongoing project viability. This process identifies incorrect carbon curves resulting in overcrediting by challenging the input assumptions in the context of process, geography, and species (in the case of nature-based solutions) - this capability is a distinct advantage of Invert’s team.

In addition to aligning to industry-recognized verification standards and global goals, Invert’s approach is grounded in three principles:


Invert approaches projects through a “do no harm” lens. In addition to a real climate benefit, a project must also demonstrate a commitment to improving the community in which it operates.


Our project investment is not transactional. We establish long-term partnerships to ensure successful return on climate-positive investment and meaningful outcomes for stakeholders.


Invert invests in a holistic suite of carbon offset projects to ensure an approach to biodiversity, conservation, and restoration that represents a balance between nature-based solutions and technology.

Invert Rules of Engagement

Aligned with our investment approach, Invert operates within three rules of engagement to ensure that the projects we support meet our exacting standards for quality & credibility and the requirements of our clients.

We Provide Technical Know-How

We have the technical expertise and experience, in-house, to conduct independent checks of project assumptions and critical factors.

We are Conservative

We do not overestimate project claims and we prioritize impact over profits.

We are Transparent

We do not see due diligence as a point-in-time activity and remain actively engaged with our projects through oversight, evaluation, and communication to ensure beneficial, long-term relationships with our project partners and clients.

Project Approaches & Types

Project Origination

Invert’s project origination approach focuses on initiating and investing in climate action projects tailored to client and market needs.

Our team of experts work directly with communities and local project development teams around the world to evaluate proposals to ensure real climate benefit in alignment with our investment pillars of partnership, community and diversity.

Carbon Credit Streaming

Invert’s carbon credit streaming approach delivers upfront capital to project developers in return for rights to future credit supply.

Much like project origination, Invert’s due diligence approach rebuilds the project from the ground up to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards for impact and credibility.

In many cases, our team of experts partner with project developers to refine project parameters to improve the long-term sustainability of the project benefits while de-risking financial investment and outcomes for both parties.

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