We invest in carbon offsets.

What's a carbon credit?

Carbon credits (or offset credits, or carbon offsets) come in all shapes and sizes with one common thread running through: they all represent one less tonne of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) being in the atmosphere.

In some cases, a project can be designed to reduce future emissions, like giving a community in Africa a more efficient way to cook their food and reducing the amount of emissions being produced.

In other cases, a project will suck existing carbon from the atmosphere, like a tree planting project or a Direct Air Capture (DAC) project.

In all cases, investing in these projects improves the total “carbon budget” the world needs to aggressively manage to keep climate change under control.

So why invest in these projects?

Over and above that, the demand for carbon credits is set to climb dramatically which represents an opportunity to make a return on your investment that also improves the state of the world.

The world’s largest companies have known this for a long time but regular folks don’t have easy access to this opportunity. We want to solve that by searching out, reviewing, and identifying the best carbon credit projects out there. We then invest in these projects ourselves to make them a reality, and offer up the same opportunity to everyone else.

Well, saving our climate is an important goal and doing so requires investment.