Weekly Roundup January 20

Invert is focused on providing clients and subscribers up-to-date news on net-zero developments, carbon markets, and how many sectors are evolving to meet climate change goals and ESG requirements.

Special Announcement

We’re excited to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with MOSS, a Brazilian climate tech company, to advance forest conservation efforts in the state of Amazonas. The partnership will involve Invert investing $1.5 million towards the development and certification of two projects in the state, which will protect over 110,000 hectares of land currently under threat of deforestation and conserve valuable regional biodiversity. The partnership also includes a right of first refusal on investment in future projects, enabling the ongoing, scalable creation of critical conservation projects in the region. Read more about this exciting announcement here.

97% of Top Execs Expect Climate Change to Impact Company Strategy & Operations

Climate change has emerged as a top priority for senior executives at large companies around the world, according to a survey by Deloitte. More than two thirds of the executives surveyed reported that they feel pressure on the issue from board members and management (68%), regulators and government (68%) and consumers (68%), and many reporting pressure as well from investors (66%) and employees (65%). The survey also found that more than half of the executives surveyed reported that employees have become increasingly influential and activism has led to an increase in sustainability action at their organizations over the past year.

Invert Insights: Results from this survey reinforces that climate change is the defining issue of our time as pressure to act is being felt from all angles. Employee engagement is not only driving sustainability initiatives at some organizations as mentioned in the article, but is being purposefully used by some organizations as part of their retention strategies as a means to increase employee engagement by bringing a greater sense of purpose to their roles.

Fed Wants Climate Risk Analysis From 6 Largest U.S. banks by July 31

The Federal Reserve has instructed six of the largest US banks to provide information on how climate change and the shift to a low-carbon economy will affect their operations. The information will be used in a pilot program aimed at ensuring the financial system is able to handle the risks associated with global warming. The banks will provide data on how real estate portfolios may be impacted by physical risk and how corporate lending may be impacted by the transition to a net-zero economy by 2050 to help understand the potential risks and how they may impact loan defaults, losses, and internal risk assessments.

Invert Insights: The Fed joins central bankers in the UK and EU in assessing the resilience of the banking and financial systems to emerging climate-related financial risks. While the Fed has previously stated they will not become a climate policymaker, these actions signify the growing recognition of the risks climate change is expected to have on financial markets.

Climeworks Provides First-Ever Certified Carbon Removal for Microsoft, Shopify and Stripe

Direct Air Capture (DAC) start-up Climeworks has announced that it has delivered the first-ever, third-party certified carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to corporate customers like Microsoft, Shopify and Stripe. The removal was done at Orca, Climework’s Iceland-based DAC facility, which is currently the world’s only commercial DAC and storage plant and has a capacity to remove 4,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Climeworks aims to scale up its CO2 capture capacity to multi-megatons by 2030 and to reach gigaton scale by 2050.

Invert Insights: While there’s still a long-way to go to reach the gigaton scale, the suc

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