April 14, 2023

Spring Summit at Invert; ICROA Announced its Remodeled Accreditation Programme, What Does “Nature Positive” Business Really Mean?, DWS Launched a New Climate Action Fund

Spring Summit at Invert

Invert’s Spring Summit has just wrapped and was a resounding success! We gathered as a company and reaffirmed our commitment to removing carbon from the atmosphere by supporting a diverse portfolio of carbon projects with real environmental and social impact. 

Mindful of our environmental responsibility, we ensured our Spring Summit was carbon neutral by supporting the  Tropical Mix Reforestation Project, which helps capture and store atmospheric carbon by transforming degraded pastures into mixed forests. 

Interested in hosting your own carbon-neutral event? Reach out today to connect with a member of our team. 

ICROA Announced its Remodeled Accreditation Programme

During the European Climate Summit, the International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Accreditation (ICROA) announced its remodeled Accreditation Programme to better meet the integrity demands and evolution of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). Andrea Abrahams, Managing Director at ICROA, said, "The improved ICROA Accreditation Programme for carbon offsetting providers worldwide will assure their compliance to the Code of Best Practice through the annual audit cycle. The Code promotes the best use of carbon offsetting within a corporation's net zero delivery."

Invert Insights:

Having ICROA accreditation provides a significant advantage for companies operating within the voluntary market. The ICROA Accreditation Programme ensures that market players conduct their business with the highest integrity and transparency and that the carbon credits offered to corporates are real, verified, measurable, unique, permanent and additional. This certification fosters trust in potential buyers of carbon credits, as it guarantees that the offsets purchased will have a tangible and positive impact on the environment and that the credit providers are responsible and trustworthy.

What Does “Nature Positive” Business Really Mean?

The term “nature positive” has long been used to describe businesses that ensure that their economic activities not only minimize and remove impact on nature, but also help restore and protect biodiversity elsewhere. While some critics argue that this term could be used for greenwashing, others believe that it is key to leveraging private investment towards protecting and restoring biodiversity-rich areas. One emerging method for achieving this goal is through the use of biodiversity credits on the voluntary carbon market, with Plan Vivo’s nature credits already being piloted, and other major standard bodies such as Verra preparing their protocol launch later this year. 

Invert Insights:

Investment in carbon projects that support biodiversity is an effective way to ensure the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems while removing carbon from the atmosphere. Many nature-based projects help increase the potential carbon sequestration of ecosystems by promoting the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of forests, grasslands, wetlands, and other natural areas. 

DWS Launched a New Climate Action Fund

Asset Manager DWS’ exchange-traded funds (ETF) business Xtrackers achieved the largest ever ETF launch in the U.S. with the listing of a new climate-focused ETF, backed by a $2 billion investment by Finland-based pension insurance company Illmarinen. The new fund, Xtrackers MSCI USA Climate Action Equity ETF (NYSE: USCA) provides investors with exposure to U.S. large and mid-cap companies leading their sectors on climate transition action. Securities ineligible for inclusion within the fund are those with very high emissions intensities, no Science Based Targets Initiative approved emissions reduction targets, as well as securities in the lowest quartile of their GICS sector based on their Climate Risk Management Score.

Invert Insight:

The newly launched climate-focused ETF can provide several benefits to companies included within the fund. These include exposure to a new pool of investors, increased demand for their shares, enhanced brand reputation, and improved liquidity which can contribute to improved financial performance over time.

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