Track, Reduce & Offset Your Personal Carbon Footprint

Understand your Footprint

Calculate your average carbon emissions to better understand contributing categories and identify the areas of your lifestyle that add the most to your footprint. Comparison to provincial and state averages provides context in how you compare to others.

Change your Behavior

Set and achieve your carbon-reduction goals through small lifestyle changes & daily check-ins and add your voice to the in-app community. An engaging forum provides the opportunity to share your story and learn important climate-action tips & tricks.

Take Action

Offset what you can’t reduce by supporting carbon-reduction projects through one-off purchases or an ongoing subscription. By choosing to invest in high-integrity carbon credits from Invert’s project portfolio, you’ll be supporting meaningful projects from around the globe as you progress towards carbon neutrality.

Get Others Involved

Invite others to your network and climb the leaderboard by building your community. Each person you invite to the platform allows you to amplify your impact by engaging others in their own climate-action journey.

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