Employee Engagement & ESG Action

More than ever, employees are looking to their employers to demonstrate visible, everyday environmental actions and want the opportunity to be directly involved. Invert’s Climate Action Platform for Business offers a turnkey solution for businesses to align ESG action and employee engagement for meaningful climate-action results.

Turn Engagement into Action

Set targets & reduce your collective carbon footprint while empowering your team to take action towards measurable results.

Turn Corporate Values into Brand Value

Build meaningful brand value through employee purpose and aligning carbon-reduction activities to your strategic values.

Turn Reach into Impact

Increase sustainability impact through stakeholder networks and understand actual results at the enterprise level.

What's Included

Invert Climate Action Platform for Employees

Web and mobile-based platform including carbon calculator, daily updates, leaderboards, achievement badges, auto-offset subscriptions, and community forum.

Comprehensive Business Portal

Manage users and view dashboards to understand onboarding percentages, total footprint, average footprint, and total employee footprint over time.

Custom Onboarding Process

A branded onboarding process, leveraging the organization's sustainability messaging, invites employees to the platform and educates on ongoing use.

Employee Offset Rewards

Gift offset rewards to top performers through the business portal. Awarded offsets are applied directly to individual footprints

Corporate Account

Share messaging and promotion with all platform users through the in-app community forum through a corporate account.

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Carbon Neutral Events & Attendee Gifting

Invert’s Carbon Neutral Events & Attendee Gifting solution empowers event organizers and hosts to offset the footprint of their events while providing an opportunity to engage attendees in their own climate-action journey.

Through an immersive branding experience, Invert Gifting allows event holders to gift attendees carbon offsets through a branded experience that reinforces corporate sustainability goals through active stakeholder engagement. In addition to ensuring the carbon neutrality of your event, attendees will earn a branded event badge that can be shared on social platforms.

Target Carbon Neutrality

Seamlessly gift attendees carbon credits from a suite of Invert projects to neutralize the full footprint of the event.

Engage for the Greater Good

Continue the conversation past the event through the Invert in-app community.

Enhance your Brand through Sustainability Action

Branded event assets and external social sharing tools reinforce your sustainability commitment through your stakeholders.