Carbon Credits

We provide high-integrity carbon credits that align to your ESG strategy.

High-Integrity Carbon Credits

With the consequences of climate change growing every day, the importance of understanding and addressing your organization’s climate risk has never been greater.

Businesses are responding with commitments to Net Zero targets, focusing on decarbonization and offsetting their hard-to-abate carbon footprint. Invert helps your organization navigate carbon offsetting, with high-integrity carbon credits that align to your ESG strategy.

Aligned to your decarbonization strategy, our in-house Carbon Experts will build a customized carbon-offset portfolio to suit your organization and your stakeholders’ needs. From forestry to mineral sequestration and everything in between, we have credits to match the needs of your organization, your employees, and your stakeholders.

Carbon-Reduction Portfolio Highlights


To help reduce the carbon-footprint of concrete, CarbonCure has developed a suite of technologies that allows manufacturers to inject liquid CO2 into concrete during the mixing process, which traps it there – and keeps it there – for centuries. Not only does this keep greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere, it has the nifty side-effect of increasing the compressive strength of concrete—which means builders don’t need to use as much of it. Structures made with CarbonCure concrete have a reduced embodied carbon footprint over their entire lifetime, which means this project will be essential in building greener cities and more sustainable infrastructure.

BC Biocarbon

Leveraging a proprietary process to convert biodegradable biomass into solid, stable, long-lasting carbon products, BC Biocarbon converts atmospheric carbon into new and useful products. Biomass is heated up in a low oxygen environment, removing its volatile components, leaving behind highly concentrated carbon leftovers. This material – known as biochar – is safe to be reused in a variety of climate-positive ways, including land and water reclamation projects, projects that capture and store atmospheric CO2 for centuries to come.

Aperam Steel

As Brazil’s largest steel producer and a world leader in environmental sustainability, Aperam Steel has the steel industry’s lowest carbon footprint. Aperam has developed unique capabilities for turning biomass into stainless and special steel products, and is a global leader in the collection and recycling of stainless steel scrap and high performance alloys, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing processes. These carbon credits originate from Aperam's production of biochar, utilizing the renewable eucalyptus forests of Minas Gerais and burying the resulting biochar to enrich the soil and protect wildlife in the Brazilian rainforest.


Moss is committed to developing high quality REDD+ projects backed by digital MRV that deliver meaningful economic benefits to local stakeholders. Invert’s investment of US$1.5 million will go towards the development and certification of two projects in the state of Amazonas, Project Seringueira and Project Jatobá, leading to the protection of more than 110,000 hectares - currently under threat of deforestation - and the conservation of invaluable regional biodiversity. The terms of the partnership entitle Invert to a percentage of the total carbon credits generated over the 30-year period of the agreement. Beginning in late 2023, these carbon credits will be available to businesses through enterprise agreements and to individuals through Invert’s Climate Action Platform.

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