We help corporate clients across all industries address climate change, and place decarbonization at the core of their values.

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Pathway to Net-zero

With the consequences growing every day emissions go unabated. Societal demands, financial markets, and the regulatory environment are quickly changing to address climate change, and with capital market participants now demanding and driving climate action, the importance of understanding and addressing your organization’s climate risk has never been greater.

Invert is here to help organizations navigate the complex world of decarbonization, carbon neutrality, and carbon markets. We provide comprehensive solutions to accelerate your pathway to Net Zero carbon emissions and focus the attention of large pools of ESG capital on companies dedicated to achieving True Net Zero.

Invert takes a dual-track approach to tackling your organization's carbon emissions and getting you on a pathway to Net Zero.

GHG Emissions Reduction Focus

First, we calculate the carbon footprint of your organization or use your existing data to set a baseline for your current emissions. From there, we identify and prioritize the most impactful carbon reduction opportunities available to develop a short-term and long-term carbon reduction strategy aligned with the latest technologies and climate science. Think fleet electrification, renewable power generation, clean fuel use.

Targeted Carbon Offsetting

Any residual emissions are then neutralized through a carbon-offset portfolio, custom-built by our in-house Carbon Experts to suit your organization and your stakeholders’ needs. From forestry to direct-air-capture and everything in between, we have credits to match you, your employees, and your stakeholders.

Our Services

The Invert Process

Carbon Footprinting & Forecasting

Organizational assessments of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, in-line with industry best practices and standards.

Carbon emissions forecasting using baseline assessment data and incorporation of internal and external growth opportunities.

Emissions Reduction Opportunities & Analysis

Identification of emissions reduction opportunities based on established and nascent carbon-reduction technologies.

Viability assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and prioritization of emissions reductions opportunities to determine optimal path to Net Zero.

Emissions Reduction Targets

Implementation schedule for emissions reduction opportunities for incorporation into capital planning cycle.

Generation of short-term and long-term emission reduction targets, aligned with the latest climate science and Science Based Targets (SBTi) to input into your organization's Climate Action Plan.

Carbon Offset Portfolio Solutions

Development and verification of custom-built carbon offset portfolios and projects to address your organizations and stakeholders’ unique needs while simultaneously providing the important impact of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals initiative (SDGs).

Corporate Communication Strategy

Tailored marketing solutions and social media assets designed to help tell your story - a key component of a public company ESG strategy.

Optimized carbon solutions incorporated into your ESG strategy roadmap to ensure awareness, recognition, and potential future access to green capital.

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To help organizations deliver on their climate objectives, Invert has formed a number of strategic partnerships to provide a one-stop shop solution to address all your carbon needs.

Puro.earth provides the world’s first B2B carbon removal marketplace as a service, helping both partners and clients to design and create a long-term removal portfolio to neutralize their carbon footprint, ultimately reaching net zero.

Invert has partnered with Puro.earth to identify carbon removal suppliers across a range of methodologies. The partnership provides verification of negative emissions, issues CO2 removal certificates, CORCs, and provides a platform for their sale and retirement.

Invert has partnered with THG to advance high quality carbon offset projects globally.

The Hut Group (THG) has a market capitalization of over $5.7B and operates over 100 international websites that take brands direct to consumers through its proprietary e-commerce platform. In 2021 THG launched its Plant Earth Group Strategy which included goals for the climate, nature and water:

  • To be climate positive and offset entire historical and future emissions
  • To have a net positive nature impact across its brands
  • Broad Marketing Strategy expertise to scale audience and evaluate performance based on data driven decision making
  • To use water sustainability in high water impact areas of its value train

Invert has partnered with J.L. Richards & Associates Limited (JLR), a leading multi-disciplinary architecture, engineering and planning consulting firm to help its clients transition from conceptual strategies into detailed design engineering solutions.

JLR's detailed engineering solutions complement Invert’s decarbonization strategy service offering and are available to be directly retained to execute design projects in support of the infrastructure upgrades driven by the GHG reduction goals.

Founded in 1955, J.L. Richards & Associates is a Platinum Best Managed Canadian company, specializing in the industrial, mining, municipal, building, innovative energy and environmental markets, with a wide portfolio of projects completed in over 170 countries.

Invert has partnered with 6ix Inc to deliver best-in-class marketing and social media strategy to maximize the market impact of clients’ climate action plans.

6ix provides a comprehensive suite of marketing services that include:

  • Highly targeted direct response outreach to investors with three step process to identify, communicate and convert
  • Social Media Marketing based on setting targets, goals and delivering messages with purpose
  • Broad Marketing Strategy expertise to scale audience and evaluate performance based on data driven decision making
  • Direct connection to a large pool of potential retail investors via investment webinars, panels and both company-specific and thematic online summits.
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Invert has signed an agreement with BC Biocarbon, a biomass waste conversion company, to supply a stream of BC Biocarbon’s high-quality CO2 Removal Certificates (“CORCS”), verified by Puro.earth.

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Verra Publishes VCS Biochar Methodology, US Climate Bill’s Subsidy Bonanza Gives New Allure to Carbon Capture, 'Hydrogen Alliance' Formed as Canada, Germany Sign Agreement on Exports and more.

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BNY Mellon Unit Charged by SEC for Misstating ESG Integration of Investment Funds, Biden Administration Launches $3.5 Billion Program To Capture Carbon Pollution From The Air, Federal Suppliers to be Required to Report Carbon Emissions

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Asset Managers Commit $16 Trillion of Assets to Net-Zero Target, Financial Community to Engage 40 Canadian Corporate Issuers for Alignment on Net-Zero Transition, Finland Sets World’s most Ambitious Climate Target in Law

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