The power to fight climate change in your hand.

Download the Invert app to start your personal climate action journey.

what we do

Invert offers a way to see the positive impact you can have on the world.

While nations and government target net zero emissions by 2050 and spend years debating policy, you can begin to achieve your climate goals right away. Invert gives you the power to make a real difference by supporting climate projects from your phone.

When you use Invert, you're joining a community of people who are changing their habits, educating themselves, and investing in a better future. Just like you. When like-minded people work together towards a shared goal, trends are inverted and the future is rewritten.

Getting Others Involved

Start your personal climate action journey.

Introducing Invert's Consumer Platform.

A companion on your personal climate action journey
With a simple onboarding flow, you can to start using the Invert platform right away
An intuitive experience makes it easy for you to navigate
Take part on the mobile app (Apple & Android) and at Invert.World

Creating Awareness.

Start the journey with a simple calculator to understand your personal carbon footprint
Your carbon footprint will be broken down by category so you know where your impact is the greatest today and how it can be reduced tomorrow
Your footprint will be compared to your provincial or state average to help you understand how you compare to others

Changing Behaviour.

Make the decision to reduce your impact by setting your personal footprint goal
Update your habits weekly to see how your behavior affects your carbon footprint
Receive badges to celebrate achieving your goals

taking Action.

Take action against climate change by offsetting your footprint with high-quality carbon projects
Get detailed information on carbon projects to understand how they are reducing carbon emissions
Follow the projects that interest you to get updates

Getting Others Involved.

Share your experience and progress through Invert’s social network
Add your voice by following others and commenting on their updates
Help your friends and family reduce their climate impact by gifting carbon offsets and inviting them to join you on your climate action journey